Nieuwe Herengracht 3Hs 1011 RJ Amsterdam

€ 2.250 p/m

Bouwjaar 1005
Aantal kamers 5
Wonen 115 m2
Inhoud 290 m3


Please be aware that it is only allowed to share by max 2 people.
3 or 4 people is not allowed (because of municipality rules)

- Size of the property: 115 m2
- Number of bedrooms: 4
- Number of bathrooms: 1
- Type of property: Apartment
- Construction year of the apartment: 1005
- Interior decoration: Furnished
- Flooring: Wood
- Quality of public transportation: Good

Also in this rental apartment:
- Parking possibility: Parking permit waiting list can be checked with the municipality
- Bath tub
- 2x Separate toilet
- Storage
- Ground floor + 1st floor

- Cooking: Gas
- Refrigerator: Available
- Dishwasher: Available
- Microwave Oven combination: Available
- Washer: Available
- Dryer: Available

- Pets negotiable
- Sharing allowed for maximum two professional working people
- Students not allowed
- Smoking not allowed
- Children allowed
- Tenancy agreements subject to owner’s consent
- Measurements not conform NEN 2580

The rental price of this house is exclusive Gas/Electricity/Water, TV/Internet and local Taxes.
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Aangeboden sinds 09-06-2021
Status Verhuurd
Aanvaarding Per datum


Ligging huis Aanrustige weg in woonwijk
Ligging tuin Westen
Balkon Nee
Schuur/berging Nee

Oppervlakte en inhoud

Woonoppervlakte 115 m2
Inhoud van de woning 290 m3
Gebruiksoppervlakte wonen 115 m2

Indeling van de woning

Aantal kamers 5
Aantal slaapkamers 4


Isolatie Muurisolatie, vloerisolatie,
gedeeltelijk dubbel glas, dakisloatie.
Verwarming CV-ketel
Warm water CV-Ketel, zonneboiler
CV-ketel Gas gestookt in eigendom

Interesse in deze woning

Vandaag bekeken 1
Gisteren bekeken 3
Totaal bekeken 20
Bewaard 0