Geuzenkade 69 1056 KN Amsterdam

€ 1.350 p/m

Bouwjaar 1938
Aantal kamers 1
Wonen 50 m2
Inhoud 150 m3


A hidden gem on the Geuzenkade. This cozy apartment is located just 5 minutes by bike from the heart of the center and with a beautiful unobstructed view of the water.

From the central hall you have access to all rooms. The entire apartment is equipped with a practical and light laminate floor.

The spacious living room, including a side room with bay window, is located at the front and offers a beautiful and unobstructed view of the Westelijk Marktkanaal.

The kitchen is equipped with a washing machine, refrigerator with freezer and combination microwave.
The bedroom provides access to the functional shower room. The separate toilet is accessible from the central hall.

Both from the kitchen and from the bedroom you have access to the balcony. Due to the favorable west-facing location and the lovely communal courtyard garden, you can enjoy peace and sun here.

All in all a lovely apartment to move into!

- Size of the property: 50 m2
- Number of bedrooms: 1
- Number of bathrooms: 1
- Type of property: Apartment
- Construction year of the apartment: 1938
- Interior decoration: Furnished
- Flooring: Laminate
- Quality of public transportation: Good

Also in this rental apartment:
- Parking possibility: Permit
- Parking permit waiting list can be checked with the municipality
- Separate shower
- Separate toilet
- Storage: only for bicycles
- Ground floor
- Balcony (facing West)

- Refrigerator: Available
- Dishwasher: Not available
- Microwave Oven combination: Available
- Washer: Available
- Dryer: Not available

- Pets not allowed
- Sharing not allowed
- Students not allowed
- Smoking not allowed
- Children not allowed
- Tenancy agreements subject to owner’s consent
- Measurements not conform NEN 2580

The rental price of this house is exclusive Gas/Electricity/Water and local Taxes.

On top of the rental price comes an advance payment of 55 euro per month for TV/Internet.
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Aangeboden sinds 13-07-2020
Status Verhuurd
Aanvaarding Per datum


Ligging huis Aanrustige weg in woonwijk
Ligging tuin Westen
Balkon Ja
Schuur/berging Nee

Oppervlakte en inhoud

Woonoppervlakte 50 m2
Inhoud van de woning 150 m3
Gebruiksoppervlakte wonen 50 m2

Indeling van de woning

Aantal kamers 1
Aantal slaapkamers 1


Isolatie Muurisolatie, vloerisolatie,
gedeeltelijk dubbel glas, dakisloatie.
Verwarming CV-ketel
Warm water CV-Ketel, zonneboiler
CV-ketel Gas gestookt in eigendom

Interesse in deze woning

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Totaal bekeken 16
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