Foto 1 van Anna Polaklaan 21, 1187PW, Amstelveen

Woonhuis Anna Polaklaan 211187PW Amstelveen

Huurwoning type: Eengezinswoning

Huurprijs € 1.975 p.m.

Anna Polaklaan, Amstelveen, Westwijk description: THIS IS IMPRESSIVE - A PLACE YOU WILL REALLY WANT TO LIVE IN! The first time you enter this modern and tasteful house you will notice that this is a house which has been taken care of. Details: Size...

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Foto's Eengezinswoning Anna Polaklaan 21, Amstelveen

Kenmerken Eengezinswoning

€ 1.975 p.m.
Te huur sinds
125 m²
Domica Amsterdam

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